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This item as been lost somehow around october 2023~~


  • make use of the pedestrian traffic light: make it controllable via WiFi via MQTT


  • pedestrian traffic light, already hacked to run on regular AC power socket
  • 2 relay module 3V
  • wires (Dupont and electric cables for 220V AC)
  • USB 5V charger


  1. install esp and relays to control each light individually
  2. secure connections using veroboard or custom-made PCB
  3. flash webduino using Arduino IDE
  4. make it blink
  5. make it blink according to received MQTT messages
  6. enable wifi OTA upgrades
  7. add wifimanager
  8. make MQTT parameters configurable at runtime (prampec/IotWebConf? see this reddit thread also)



The ESP listens to an MQTT channel at, described in mqtt.

For testing, using mqttcli: while :; do for I in {0..3}; do mqttcli pub --host -m "$I" -t piedthon/input; sleep 0.5; done; done

or mosquitto ( package mosquitto-clients sur ubuntu ) : while :; do for I in {0..3}; do mosquitto_pub -h -m "$I" -t piedthon/input; sleep "$J.5"; J="$I";done; done


:!: RISK OF DEATH OR INJURY: always unplug the traffic light from mains when it is opened as the inside is not insulated at all :!:

(Describe pinout here, components…)

Relay module          Webduino
GND                   GND
VCC                   3.3V
IN1                   14 (relay controlling the green light)
IN2                   16 (relay controlling the red light)


  • Project created on Fri 22-11-19 by lomanic
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