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Webduino Smart


  • [OK] Flash Webduino with different IDEs
  • Check Components : pins, photocell, RGB LED, button
  • Use OTA


  • Webduino USB port is only used to power the board, not for upload and monitoring
  • The chip is labelled ESP8266MOD by AI Thinker, in fact it is an ESP-12F, same as Wemos d1
  • The Board include a photocell, a RGB led and a button.

Wiring and flashing

Plug Webduino Smart using FTDI 3.3v module. Webduino and the FTDI must be powered.

         3.3    3.3
  ftdi   Tx     Rx    Webduino
         Rx     Tx
         Gnd    Gnd

For flashing, on Webduino Smart connect GPIO 0 to GND. (RGB goes green)

For rebooting, on Webduino Smart connect RST to GND

Flashing usual sequence is :

  1. Set flash position (GPIO0 on GND)
  2. Power the FTDI and the Webduino
  3. Upload sketch … Webduino should restart in normal mode.
  4. Or disconnect GPIO 0 and restarrt using RST or Webduino power

Arduino IDE

Select Board : “Generic ESP8266 Module”


Got it to work as a Wemos d1 !

  platform = espressif8266
  board = d1
  framework = arduino


I got blink sketch using LED_BUILTIN (2)


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