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Fuzcredi en ligne n°2 - Online Fuznesday #2

While last week we gathered on Jitsi meet, this Wednesday (2020-05-20) we were using the recently installed Mumble server deployed on our dear sonic server.

Fewer people than the last event (no more than 4 at the same time), it was suspected that the higher barrier to entry to use Mumble (have to install a fat client) compared to Jitsi Meet (a single click in the web browser) was the source for this lower attendance, so leo successfully installed during the discussion the mumble-web interface over at, with Let's Encrypt SSL and automatic redirection, but bypassing lighttpd to be able to use websockets (uses a different port currently).

Nice and fun little virtual gathering, discussions were mostly unrelated to the hackerspace (ronja100 and radio links were mentioned near the end, possible lighttpd-to-nginx migration was once more briefly talked about).

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