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Digital Instrument Night


An informal gathering with little presentations, demonstrations and performances if you're nice.


At the FUZ


May 22nd 2019 - 9pm


Moldover + Trublion + In'Jam (+ possible Cookie Bonus!)

⇒ More info below:

Moldover (!)

Also known as the “Godfather of Controllerism”, Moldover is a San Francisco based artist, musician, and instrument designer. He has performed at Sonar, Mutek, Coachella, etc, and collaborated with artists including Bassnectar, Will-i-am, and DJ Shadow (more at Famous for his PCB-mixtapes built in hackerspaces such as Noisebridge, his music albums are actual electronics instruments that anyone can play:


The Trublions are makers, engineers, researchers, musicians and digital artists focused on building new musical instruments, using modern techniques (electronics, computer) as Luther's materials… They will show one of their latest experiments: the Electromagnetic Sitar


In'Jam is a collective of artists, artisans and actors of cultural and educational life gathered around digital instruments. Professionals or amateurs, they are driven by a common interest: the connection between creation and new technologies. They will demo the Karlax!


Ask Lambert for more info about his collective…

If we ask nicely, maybe some of the Cookie Collective members might accept to jam with our amazing guests.

The Cookie Collective organizes live coding parties, inspired by the Shader Showdown from the Revision demoparty (a friendly competition where demoscene artists write code to produce visual effects in a limited amount of time).

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