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SpaceAPI notifier

Project information

  • Owner: Lomanic
  • Participants: you?
  • Status: decomissioned since moving to Montreuil/AERI
  • Project created on Sun 25-07-21 by Lomanic


  • Show at the entrance behind the window that the space is open
    • so Konexio/Oreegami folks don't close the iron curtain and block people inside the space at night
    • so people from the outside can know it is indeed open
  • Base that on spaceapi so any other hackerspace can maybe reuse this



In action

The SpaceAPI notifier in its natural habitat against the entrance window lower left corner

Closeup video showing the awesome breathing effect implemented in the display



Initial proof of concept, with vast land for improvement code-wise (planned to use StaticJsonDocument everywhere and I need a better layout/split between files). After a lot of struggles in the past week and weekend, I abandoned the idea of using my fake WeMos D1 minis v3.0.0 as I was never able to flash them. I guess I will be sticking to the NodeMCUs v0.9 and standardize on them, or switch to the (fake?) WeMos v1.O.0. Unfortunately, genuine boards are double the price of fake ones or NodeMCUs shipping included.


The device has been put in place at the entrance window by Lomanic and Acathla. It was secured against the glass with transparent double-sided adhesive tape. Flaky DuPont connector(s) were secured with electrical tape. It connects to the LeFuz WiFi network. Lomanic is quite happy with the result, it's eye-catching from the street.


The double-sided tape is not so adhesive unfortunately, the display is now maintained in place thanks to a half-empty hard-drive pushing it against the glass. I (Lomanic) measured the display to try to build some stand, probably with cardboard.

  • LED display: 128mm x 33mm x 13mm
  • HDD (to be used as the stand base): 146mm x 101 mm x 25mm


  • eventually put this on a perfboard, for once!
  • improve code
  • runtime-customizable text effects? (e.g scrolling if test is too long)
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