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LED2019 : efficient lamp replacement


  • Use recent LEDs to build efficient Lamps (almost no heat) at cheap price ~40eu
  • Those lamps are suitable for humans, artists, animals and plants.

Hardest part here is to source the right products and order them without being over taxed.
The build is cheap so taxes hit hard, better regroup

LEDs, Driver and Dimmer


Last LED are very efficient, they produce low heat and a lot of light : 180lm/w
Last LED are cheap so we can run a lot of them at lower current.
Here we could use 3 board instead of 6 but current would be higher = more heat.
LED Efficiency improve over time, those product will soon be outdated, so use them right after purchase.


Build / Spec

Driver voltage is 7 - 22v, it is constant current delivering 1820ma.
Led boards are wired in parallel so the current is divided :

  • 1820 / 6 = 303 ma lower heat
  • 1820 / 3 = 606 ma max is 700ma so dont try 2

Led boards run at 19.5v and produce 1230lm @ 350ma max 700ma
We use 5000k for vegetative growth.


Dimming need a 0 to 10v current. So you need :

  • an AC to DC 220 to 12v power supply
  • A buck converter with potentiometer or a voltage divided

Adding Wing

For horticulture usage, plants need wind, so you ll need :

  • a 12v fan, can be 12 or 10 or 8 cm
  • a power supply (same as dimmer)
  • A Buck converter with potentiometer (must handle the current of you fan )

The Keg Build

Beer kegs are cost less when you know the good places.

Parallel wiring
First Light
Buck converter (used as led Dimmer)
12v power supply
Arranging top
Magnet Cap

Adding Electronic (in progress)

Adding an Arduino or ESP32 will allow to :

  • have temp and hum sensors, mqtt and charts
  • have day/night cycle with a relay and an RTC module
  • Dim light power using a photo resistance and a pwm to dc module

This require a DC 12to5v converter


  • Project created on Sun 17-11-19 by Thio
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