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So you want to come... fear not! Here are some Tips

Some knowledgeable insights for your trip to hack events:



  • get your ticket with a voucher (ask to VIP people like Mitch Alt, …, Drix knows)
  • if not, get a last minute ticket on the ccc site
  • if not, get a ticket directly on site (and line-up for an hour)

venue and staying

  • Leipzig is far but not so much, 10 hours by car/bus
  • Bring a mate / a sleeping bag / refillable water bottle
  • Sleeping can be provided by the orga otherwise crash onto komona/teahouse places



  • free for all

venue and staying

  • rent a home, phone a friend, to sleep.
  • friends from the hackerspace and the hacklab can help
  • the friday is dedicated to meet people in a (crowded) bar street

Common for all


  • be prepared to see the conferences you like best and camp the room before they begins
  • get the F-Droid/Giggity application and the associated C3Nav to handle the (huge) program
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