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   * ''​Leh hackerspace ayt oovayr. The hackerspace is open.''​   * ''​Leh hackerspace ayt oovayr. The hackerspace is open.''​
 +==== Image datamoshing as a service ====
 +Idea: have a simple online API (on, of course), where we would implement the following:
 +  * http://​​2016/​06/​29/​how-to-glitch-images-using-rgb-channel-shifting/​
 +  * pixelsort like http://​
 +Go? Nodejs? Something easy to manage.
 +We would then be able to embed dynamically generated images from the Fuz logo, like this for example:
 +  * https://​​1575492926-built.png
 +  * https://​​1575492971-built.png
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