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lomanic LSC Smart Connect Power Plug
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lomanic removed keybase as I reset my key there, they were recently acquired by Zoom, which sucks hard
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 ====== lomanic - Public Page ====== ====== lomanic - Public Page ======
-Find my few identities on the web at website at [[|]].
-Working on the [[:projets:fuz:presence button]] 
-===== LSC Smart Connect Power Plug =====+Working on the [[:projets:fuz:presence button]], also helping a bit on [[:projets:fuz:piedthon]].\\ 
 +When I'm not messing around with ESPs for the hackerspace, I'm working on [[|gopsutil]], a pure-Go (or almost) port of the Python [[|psutil]] library, and some more.
-  * 8 .95 €, [[|LSC Smart Connect family at]] +Find my private space with my notes [[user:lomanic:start|here]].
-  * +
-  * (de), [[|some pics]] +
-  * (nl), how to flash +
-  *, other flashing instructions+
-Tried to identify the chip today, but was unable to trigger flash mode. Looks like the button is not on GPIO0… 
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