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 <WRAP round box 60%> <WRAP round box 60%>
 ===== Goals ===== ===== Goals =====
-  * Bring "​[[https://​​wiki/​Pixelflut|pixelflut]]"​ concept, i.everyone can send pixel to a screen ​through the network. ​Ledflut brings it to LED matrices in général.+  * Bring "​[[https://​​wiki/​Pixelflut|pixelflut]]"​ concept ​to **LED panels**In extenso, ​everyone can send pixels via a **simple text protocol** ​to a LED panel through the network. ​This **race ​to display** pixels leads to a funny pixel surperposition among participants.
   * Inspiration : a taste of [[https://​​wiki/​Place_(Reddit)|Place]]   * Inspiration : a taste of [[https://​​wiki/​Place_(Reddit)|Place]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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