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 //​Conférences vues ou d'​intérêt ... point d'​entrée pour demander plus d'​information à celui/celle qui l'a vue.// //​Conférences vues ou d'​intérêt ... point d'​entrée pour demander plus d'​information à celui/celle qui l'a vue.//
-{{url>https://​​p/​fossdem2020}}+Contenu migré depuis ​https://​​p/​fossdem2020
 +Liste des confs que vous avez vues ou d'​intérêt + résumé/​avis
 +<qq emojis pour annoter le tout> 👍 👎 👏 👑 
 +  * 👏 "​Knocking Down the Nest, SecureBox":​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​dip_secusharebox/​ : joli essai sur un design reseau IoT en p2p, respectueux de la vie privée (GNUnet inside)
 +  * 👍 "​Decentralized collaborative applications"​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​decentralized_collab_apps/​ : bluffé par cette conf entièrement manuscrite, un redesign de GNUnet
 +  * "How many engineer do you need to light a lightbulb"​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​iotwelcome/​ : pas vu mais Benjamin Henrion parlait de faire un programmateur STLink pour 2$ (cf son site: http://​​iot-fosdem-2020)
 +  * "​Prototyping the Internet of Things with Wyliodrin STUDIO"​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​wyliodrin_studio/​ : nouvel IDE full featured (simu, ota, circuit)
 +  * "​ - pocket science lab" https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​iotpslab/​ : un laboratoire électronique DIY cool et pas cher (vu au CCC)
 +  * "​RaptorJIT:​ a fast, dynamic systems programming language"​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​raptorjit_lua/​ : Forking LuaJIT to target heavy-duty server applications. Faster, better Lua..
 +  * "​Minimalistic typed Lua is here" https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​minimalistictypedlua/​ : a tiny transpiler TypedLua => Lua that make things better
 +  * 👎 "FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality"​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​openxr/​ : state of openXR, a khronos standard for VR/AR ("The year of the virtual Linux desktop"​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​virtual_linux_desktop/​ is better)
 +  * 👍 "​Quantum computer brands: connecting apples and oranges"​ https://​​2020/​schedule/​event/​quantum_computer_brands_connecting_apples_and_oranges/​ bonne vision des impléms quantiques et d'un outil de standardisation + "​Quantum Open Source Foundation"​ https://​​ cool initiative
 +  * riscv reliability : IBM Eraser ( Microprobe, serminer, chiffre ), focus on RTL-Level Simulation.
 +  * riscv dev : Software Defined Hardware :  OpenPiton + Ariane(RV64GC) cacheable overlay manager comRV => group functions & read-only data RealTime call function, load full groups for RTOS
 +  * riscv bootflow : ZSBL(ROM)->​FSBL(LOADER)->​OpenSBI(RUNTIME)->​U-boot(BOOTLOADER)->​OS . Random Booting (each core does lottery, one launch first stage, the others second), vs. Ordered Booting (one core launch first stage, and the OS call (HSM patch) other harts.
 +  * BSD kernel fuzzing: PC_TRACE and Sanitizer (KASAN,​KLEAK,​KMSAN) + AFL_KCOV print debug data during fuzzing, and analize operations
 +  * BSD API: Curriculum Vitae of niacat - audiomixer (with firefox API), wayland with wscons, ​
 +  * Hikari window manager : tilling wm for X11 AND Wayland based on herbslutwm , use XCB for async X11 requests, and wlroots for Wayland. Wayland asks more lines but less complex
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